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Meet the face
behind the recipes

BUONASARAH is a play on the Italian word for "good evening" buonasera, pronounced (buo·na·sé·ra). Its clever and my mom thought of it back in 2015 when I started blogging my recipes. I am a culinary artist deeply influenced by the vibrant Italian culture that shaped my upbringing in Toronto. My Italian family originated in Puglia, Italy, home of the famous orecchiette pasta. Since I was a child, I learned the secrets of cooking & entertaining from my Nonna Carmela and my Mother Antonietta, honing my skills before I could even form coherent sentences.

The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. For me, cooking is a way to show love and care. If I've cooked for you, I've cared for you.

While balancing a successful career as a sales executive in the Cloud SaaS industry, my passion lies in embracing a healthy lifestyle through nourishing food and mindfulness. If you've met me before you know I'm a ball of fire, I'm constantly evolving as a person, full of energy, I'm always busy creating and perfecting my craft.


Beyond the kitchen, I love to explore & seek out restaurants, hotels, and brands that offer remarkable experiences with amazing aesthetics and talented teams.

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